4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (2024)

While Chase Bank is open Monday to Friday, usually from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., those hours don’t work for anyone. Most people are busy at work during the weekdays and don’t have time to run important errands.

Luckily, Chase Bank is open on Saturday for this very reason, giving even the busiest of their customers a chance to come in and do business. While Saturday’s hours are reduced, usually closing at 1 in the afternoon instead of 5, you can still get a lot of your business done on the weekend.

You can’t do everything though, as Saturday is technically not a business day. But don’t worry, there are four handy services that are available on Saturdays at Chase Bank:

  1. Cash transactions (withdraw, deposit, cashier’s checks)
  2. Open new accounts (checking, savings, apply for credit card)
  3. Basic banker transactions (name change, address change, sign documents)
  4. Talk to a manager/advisor (if they’re there)

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Can You Do Cash Transactions on a Saturday at Chase Bank?

4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (1)

While Chase Bank has a multitude of ATMs across America and at their branches, some people prefer working with a teller to conduct their cash transactions. There are also certain cash transactions that can’t be conducted with a machine, like the purchasing of a money order or a cashier’s check.

As long as the branch is still open, you can conduct just about every type of cash transaction at Chase Bank on a Saturday.

I will include a small stipulation: during my time at Chase Bank, across several different branches, I’ve noticed cash levels are usually very low on Saturdays. If you’re looking to make a large withdrawal and need a lot of cash, Chase Bank probably won’t have it on them during the weekends.

As a rule of thumb, if you ever want more than $10,000 in cash, Chase requires you to call ahead of time. Banks, Chase included, never like having too much cash on hand in case of robberies or other chances for the money to get stolen. They keep their cash levels as low as possible to mitigate this risk.

Other than that tiny hiccup, you should be able to conduct business normally.

You can:

  • make deposits with checks or cash
  • purchase money orders or cashiers checks
  • or even re-order a debit card at the teller line!

In my experience, we always got busy on Saturdays that landed on the first or the third of the month, as rent was due and many of our customers used money orders to pay their landlords.

If you need some quick cash or need to break a $100 into five $20s, feel free to stop by your local Chase Bank branch on a Saturday.

Can You Open New Accounts at Chase Bank on a Saturday?

4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (2)

This is a question I got all the time as a banker, and the answer is yes. You can open just about any type of account on the weekend at Chase Bank.

If you do want to use Saturday as an opportunity to get a new account going, just know you’re not alone in your thinking. Saturday is easily the busiest day at Chase Bank.

During my time as a banker, Chase gave us online schedules to set appointments and organize our time. By Tuesday, my Saturday schedule was already booked up.

This is because of two key reasons:

  • Our Saturday hours were half of what our Monday to Friday hours were
  • Most people who work during the weekdays are off and want to come in on the weekends

If you want to open an account at Chase Bank on a Saturday, call ahead well in advance and set an appointment. With a dedicated time, your banker will not only set room aside for you but prepare as well, making the process that much smoother.

Your banker will be more than happy to open just about any type of account on a Saturday, including checking accounts, savings accounts, or even a long-term savings account for a minor.

You can even apply for a Chase Bank credit card during the weekend. It’s the same process as if you applied on a weekday, and the credit card department will usually need some time to give you an approval or denial.

There are more complicated accounts than your everyday checking and savings.

Trust, estate, and business accounts are some of the most complicated out there. They usually require a two step process, with your banker collecting important documents from you before sending them off to the back office for approval.

During my time at Chase Bank, we bankers were able to start the first step of this process on Saturday before finishing on Monday, or Tuesday if Monday was a holiday.

If you want to open any type of account at Chase Bank on a Saturday, be sure to call in and set an appointment beforehand.

Can a Banker Help You Change Your Name or Address on a Saturday at Chase Bank?

4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (3)

Bankers can do more than open new accounts on Saturdays. They can also help you with any basic account maintenance you might need.

Just like opening an account, maintenance on an account takes time. Call ahead and set an appointment if you think you’ll need a banker’s help during the weekend.

You may need a variety of things from your banker during your day off. Luckily, they’re able to do just about everything during a Saturday they could on a Friday.

Talk to your banker if you need to change your name, address, or update any other account information.

They can also help you enroll in online banking, change your password, or change your PIN to your debit card.

Sometimes, they are able to help you place a claim on fraudulent activity on your account. Like complex accounts, claims are a multi-step process that your banker can’t finish in one sitting.

What they can do is collect your information before passing it along to the claims department who will take over from there.

You’re more than able to talk to a banker at Chase on a Saturday. Be mindful of their short schedules and call ahead if you want an appointment.

Can You Talk to a Manager or an Advisor at Chase Bank on a Saturday?

4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (4)

Now this one is a little trickier than the rest. While there will always be a teller (Associate Banker) and a banker onsite, there might not always be a manager or an advisor.

In fact, managers and advisors are usually off on the weekends and don’t head into the branch. Perks of being on top, huh?

That doesn’t mean you can’t meet with them during the weekends, it just takes a little more planning.

If you want to speak to a manager on a Saturday, you may need to call in during the week and set an appointment, or see if they’ll even be in.

Mortgage and financial advisors work with a little more independence than their managing counterparts and have more control over their own schedules.

They don’t normally come in during the weekends, but they will if you reach out and request a meeting.

I’ve seen mortgage and financial advisors stop by the branch for a single meeting before continuing their weekend, so you shouldn’t have any issue talking to an advisor on a Saturday.

What Can’t You Do at Chase Bank on Saturday?

You can’t do everything on a Saturday at Chase Bank, or at any bank for that matter. Just because the branch is open doesn’t mean processing systems are.

Saturdays are not considered business days, just like Sundays and any other holiday. You can do basic transactions during the weekend, but anything complicated will have to wait until Monday.

One of the most common transactions I conducted during my time at Chase Bank were wire transfers, especially during the weekends.

Wire transfers are a great way to send a lot of money internationally or domestically, and are most often sent out to title companies in order to put a down payment on a house.

Unfortunately, they have very strict processing timeframes. If you want to send a wire on a Saturday, your banker can start the process, but it won’t go anywhere until Sunday.

Can You Get Your Checks Cleared on a Saturday at Chase Bank?

Like all banks, Chase will usually place a deposit hold on any large checks you put into your account.

When Chase places a hold, they usually only need one business day to communicate with the writer of the check’s bank to see if the funds are available.

Sometimes even after they’ve confirmed the fund’s availability they still choose to keep the hold for a couple days.

Bank managers are usually able to communicate with the bank office and speed up those holds, after a business day.

Unfortunately, Saturday is not a business day, and there’s nothing Chase employees can do to speed up the process. While they can accept large checks for deposit, they can’t clear them for you.

Same goes for any kind of payment. If you have an auto loan, mortgage, or credit card with Chase, bank employees can accept payments on Saturday but they won’t be applied for a business day or two.

Don’t worry about late fees though; so long as your payment was in by the due date on your statement Chase won’t charge.


Just because Saturday isn’t a business day doesn’t mean you can’t conduct any of your own business at Chase Bank. So long as the branch is still open, you can head in and withdraw cash, deposit checks, or talk to a banker.

If you do have a complicated need, or anything you think might need some dedicated time and attention from a banker, be sure to call your local branch before stopping by. You can even set an appointment for yourself on the Chase Bank Mobile App, saving a call altogether!

4 Chase Bank Services That Are Available on Saturday (2024)


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