Chase Bank Near Me: Branch and ATM Locator (2024) (2024)

Chase Locations Near Me

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Finding Chase Bank Branches Near Me

Chase makes it relatively easy to find a branch or ATM near you. If you’re using a browser, head to Chase’s homepage, where you’ll click on the “customer service” dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

Chase Bank Near Me: Branch and ATM Locator (2024) (1)

Click on “find ATM or branch” and you’ll be led to a simple landing page. On this page, you can browse by typing in your specific location or by using the state dropdown menu.

Chase Bank Near Me: Branch and ATM Locator (2024) (2)

You can click-through to the branch itself, where the hours, number of ATMs and services offered are all listed. If the location is one of Chase’s 15,000 ATMs rather than a branch, “no branch” is listed next to the description.

If you’re using the Chase mobile app, ATM and branch info is found when you scroll to the bottom of your dashboard. You’ll notice a “visit us” section that allows you to schedule a meeting or find the closest ATM or branch near you.

If you’re just looking just to deposit money or take out money, an ATM is likely more readily available and faster. For those with investment questions, more complex banking questions and for those looking to take out loans, visiting an in-person branch is more helpful and sometimes required.

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About Chase Bank

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank currently holds the title as the largest bank in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve, with 62 million households using Chase’s services. The company’s roots date back to 1799 in New York and it still has its headquarters in the city. From 1799 until now, over 1,200 financial institutions have combined to make Chase the successful bank it’s become.

Chase offers branches worldwide but most are concentrated in the U.S. All deposits with Chase have the usual $250,000 FDIC insurance.

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Chase Bank Customer Service

If you ever run into any questions, Chase’s customer service team is there in multiple ways, including:

  • Self-service help pages: For basic actions like replacing a lost card, ordering checks or making payments, Chase provides a comprehensive self-help section of its customer service page.
  • FAQ pages: For frequently asked questions, Chase has a thread for personal bank accounts, auto loans, home loans and credit cards.
  • Customer service lines: If you need help over the phone, you can call one of Chase’s dedicated lines. For personal banking specifically, the phone number is 1-800-935-9935.
  • Social media: Chase has X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook and Instagram accounts where customers can reach out for support.
  • In-person meetings: You can always visit an in-person branch if you need assistance or basic teller services. You can set up a meeting at your local branch online.

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Chase Bank Branch Hours

Chase Bank branch hours of operation are typically Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with limited hours on Saturday as well. All branches are closed on Sundays.

FAQ: Chase Bank

Chase Bank is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., which handles investment products. Through J.P. Morgan, you can build your portfolio and invest on your own or work with an advisor.

Yes, Chase Bank customers can use Zelle with their online account or through the mobile app with an eligible individual or business checking account. If both parties have Zelle, Chase reports that funds are typically available within minutes. Some transactions, however, could take up to three business days depending on the recipient and their financial institution.

Chase does put a daily limit on how much can be sent on Zelle. That information is dynamically determined for each transaction by the bank based on numerous factors, including the recipient.

According to its website, Chase Bank does place limits on how much you can withdraw from your account at an ATM. That amount, however, is contained in documentation once you open an account. If you need to withdraw a large sum, it might be better to complete that transaction in person at a branch.

*Data accurate at time of publication.

Editor’s Note: Before making significant financial decisions, consider reviewing your options with someoneyou trust, such as a financial adviser, credit counselor or financial professional, since every person’s situation and needs are different.

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Chase Bank Near Me: Branch and ATM Locator (2024) (2024)


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