Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (2024)

Paris Hilton is making sure her mother Kathy Hilton’s birthday is extra special!

As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum celebrated her milestone 65th birthday on Wednesday, her eldest daughter Paris, 43, showered her with thoughtful tributes on social media.

The socialite shared an Instagram carousel featuring the mother-daughter duo's past and present moments together. The series began with an endearing shot of the two posing with Paris’ firstborn, son Phoenix, when the now-1-year-old was still a newborn, and then included a handful of childhood photos that also featured the Cooking with Paris star’s sister Nicky Hilton, brother Barron Hilton II and their father, Richard Hilton.

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In the caption, she opened up about how much love she has for her mother and what she admires about their relationship.

"Happy Birthday to the OG Queen, my mom @KathyHilton! ✨👑🎉,” the reality TV star wrote. “Mom, your resilience and compassion have taught me everything I know about navigating life with a smile, a heart full of love and a touch of sparkle✨ You’ve always been my rock, my inspiration, and the coolest mom anyone could ever wish for🥰.”

She continued, “On your special day, I just want to say thank you for being you—genuine, loving, and simply irreplaceable. Celebrating you today feels like an homage to the incredible impact you’ve made, not just on me, but on everyone lucky enough to be in your orbit.”

Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (1)

Paris concluded by sweetly looking forward to her mom’s year ahead, writing, “Here’s to more laughter, more unforgettable moments, and yes, more late night prank call parties in the living room 📞 😹 May this year bring you as much joy and happiness as you bring to everyone around you🥰 Love you to the moon and back!💖.”

The “Stars Are Blind” singer also reposted a handful of the images from her carousel on her Instagram Story, including a fun video of Kathy dancing, which she captioned, “GOAT.”

Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (2)

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On TikTok, Paris also posted several video tributes in honor of Kathy’s 65th. In one TikTok, she compiled clips of home footage from her childhood, which included shots of family vacations and Christmas gatherings.

“Rolling back the memories📹💖,” she added in the caption. “Happy birthday Mom, thank you for giving me memories that will last a lifetime👩‍🍼.”

The other clip that the Paris: The Memoir author posted featured a handful of funny videos of Kathy on Paris in Love and on the I am Paris podcast, including a moment where she talks about learning that “GOAT” meant "Greatest Of All Time."

“Happy birthday to the #🐐,” Paris added in the caption, inviting fans to comment with their “favorite #KathyHilton moment.”

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Nicky, 40, celebrated her mom’s milestone birthday with a tribute, as well. On Instagram, the fashion designer posted a carousel of recent shots of the two stepping out to events together, in addition to a handful of throwbacks and one of Kathy spending time with one of her granddaughters.

“Celebrating the queen of grace, laughter, and endless love on her birthday,” she shared in the caption. “Happy Birthday to my incredible mom @KathyHilton! 🎉✨We adore you!”

Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (3)

Kyle Richards — who is one of Kathy's sisters, along with Kim Richards — also wished the entrepreneur a happy birthday. She posted two photos on her Instagram Story — one of just the two of them and another with Kim, 59 —adding a simple “Happy birthday @kathyhilton 💞I love you!!” message.

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Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (4)

Kathy and Richard Hilton's Sweetest Moments with Their Grandkids

Kathy has had a great deal to celebrate as a grandmother in the past several years and has opened up in interviews about how thrilled she is to see her children welcome their kids.

She spoke to PEOPLE in September 2023 about the joy it brings her to see Paris revel in being a mother. “I've never seen my daughter happier in her life,” the former Bravo star shared. “I've never seen her so happy.”

Kathy added that she's grateful her daughter feels so "over the moon" and has found "her special partner in life" in her husband Carter Reum, with whom she shares son Phoenix and daughter London, 4 months.

Paris Hilton Showers Mom Kathy with Love and Throwback Pics on 65th Birthday: 'The GOAT' (2024)


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