Scott Hoying (Pentatonix) Wiki Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Parents, Siblings (2024)

-Scott Hoying is a songwriter, singer, and pianist from the US and the founder of the popular American A Cappella group Pentatonix.
-He grew up in Texas with his sister and attended Martin High School before relocating to California to pursue a degree in music.
-He formed Pentatonix with childhood friends Mitchell Grassi and Kristin Maldonado, and the group won $200,000 and a recording contract from The Sing-Off.
-They have won two Grammys and have a YouTube channel with over 15 million subscribers and three billion views.
-He has accumulated a net worth of $8 million.


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  • 6 Scott Hoying Net Worth

Who is Scott Hoying?

Scott Hoying isa songwriter, singer and pianist from the US, the founder of the popular American A Cappella group known as Pentatonix in which he is the backing violist and baritone lead.


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Scott Hoying Family, Early Life, and Education Background

Scottwas bornon 17 September 1991 in Texas, USA to Connie and Rick Hoying. He has a sister named Lauren who he grew-up alongside in their hometown, and where he attended Martin High School. His father was an English instructor while his mother worked in a nursing home. When he was young, Scott got together with his childhood friend Mitchell Grassi as well as their good friend Kristin Maldonado to start their own band, with the intention of being part of a local radio competition that would help them meet the “Glee” cast.

Their plan was to cover Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone”, which they then sent to the radio office. Although they failed to meet the “Glee” cast since they didn’t win, they became a popular trio in school, and got to perform in school events as well as local shows, with Scott’s parents being very supportive of his work. When he matriculated from high school in 2010, he relocated to California with the sole intention of pursuing a degree in music.

He joined the University of Southern California, where he got into an A Cappella group named SoCal VoCals, with his role being the baritone vocalist, something that boosted his confidence while performing on stage. While he was in the middle of his graduation, Scott got wind of “The Sing-Off” auditions; his first reaction was to re-live his childhood dream, and thus he convinced his friends Mitch and Kristin to join him once more.

To make the group complete, Scott sought the help of Avi Kaplan who is a vocal bassist, as well as Kevin Olusola, a YouTube beatboxing sensation – this was how the Pentatonix A Cappella group was formed. Scott ended up dropping out of college to focus all his attention on the group, and hopefully help them win on the show.

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Scott Hoying Career

The group was named Pentatonix at Scott’s suggestion to the other members – the name was inspired bythe pentatonic music scale which includes five notes in each octave. According to the members, they matched the scale’s five notes, and the only thing they did was replace the last letter with an ‘x’ to make the name more captivating. For winning the aforementioned show, the group got $200,000, as well as a recording contract with Sony Music.

Pentatonix now tours around the globe, performing their music at sold-out shows. They also have a YouTube channel named PTXofficial that has attracted more than 15 million subscribers and three billion views. All the members of Pentatonix, together with Ben Bram, their producer, have won two Grammys, firstly for their cover of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, and the second for the “Daft Punk” medley. The group was also in a cameo in the “Pitch Perfect 2” movie.

Hoying and Grassi started a vlogging channel in August 2013, which they named Superfruit. In it they post video releases each Tuesday, and the channel has since garnered over three million subscribers as of early 2019, with the number continues to grow. Up to date, the group’s three musical covers on their channel have attracted over 11million views. They have collaborated with numerous well-known personalities, including Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Maisie Williams, Tori Kelly, Todrick Hall, and Victoria Justice among others. Their covers include an “Evolution of Miley Cyrus”, “Beyonce”, and “Frozen Medley feat Kristie Maldonado”.

In 2012, Hoying started working with Madison Gate Records, and the group released its first EP in June that same year. They entitled the EP “PTX Volume 1”. It became so popular that it rose to the 14thposition on the US Billboard 200. Also, it was number five on digital charts. That same year, Scott went on a tour aimed at promoting their newly launched EP. He got to perform in 30 American cities. The tour was very successful as all his concerts were sold out.

In November that year, Scott released an extended play for Christmas entitled “PTXMas”. He was very busy throughout the holiday season as he was fully booked performing at different events including “Holiday Christmas Parade” and “Coca-Cola Red Carpet Live” among others. They later released a Christmas album with the song “Little Drummer Boy” making it to the top of the Holiday Chart.

They released their “PTX Vol II” in 2013, and the third volume, “PTX Vol III” in August the following year. The latter EP attracted very positive reviews and rose to position five on the US Billboard 200, with tracks such as “La La Latch” and “Problem” topping several music charts.

Hoying has had the pleasure of performing “God Bless America” and the National Anthem at several home games of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Scott Hoying Achievements and Awards

Scott and his group members have completednumerousachievements in their music career. Apart from the Grammy awards, they also won the Streamy Award in 2014 for “Best Cover Song”, and the previous year the YouTube Music Award for “Response of the Year”, the in the following year for the “Artist of the Year”.

Scott Hoying Personal Life, Married, Husband

Although Scott might not like discussing his personal life, and who he is in a relationship with, he isopenly gay. Mitch Grassi, his best friend andalsoa group member is also gay, and they are normally referred to as the Pentatonix cute gay members, with Scott also active in the LGBTQ+ community. Apparently partly due to Scott’s and Mitch’s sexual orientation openness, more parents have been able to accept their children being gay, and has really impacted the LGBTQ+ community positively.

There had been rumors that Scott and Mitch were in a secret romantic relationship, because they are always doing things together, and they also refer to themselves as husbands, with Scott also dedicating numerous sweet tweets to his friend Mitch – actually the two have been best friends since they were 10 years old.

Scott Hoying Net Worth

As a songwriter, pianist, and singer, Scott has accumulated a good amount of wealth. As of early 2019, authoritative sources estimate Scott Hoying’snet worthto be around $8 million, which will likely rise assuming that he successfully continues his career in music.

Scott Hoying (Pentatonix) Wiki Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Parents, Siblings (2024)


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