Thai Green Curry Chicken Recipe (2024)

Thai Green Curry Chicken Recipe (1)


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This is a very versatile recipe in that you can add and/or change ingredients and/or change the spice profile. Made this for a luncheon with three friends. I've served noodles in a soup-based dish in the past to this group and found it awkward to eat; decided to try it over jasmine rice. Because one of my guests is "heat-sensitive", only added one tablespoon of green curry paste. Used chopped green cabbage as that was what I had on hand; deleted the red pepper because of personal taste. Because I had to transport the dish, after everything was finished I threw it in a pot with a tight lid, stirred well and then served it on-site with a large spoon into individual bowls. My guests absolutely loved, loved, loved this dish! Personally would have liked more curry and would have liked a little more ginger. (A good thing I didn't add more -- one of my friends finds ginger an overwhelming spice.) Will definitely make this again, and am anxious to try it over noodles. I'm hoping the sauce will freeze as the portions for four are perfect. By the way, although it does use three pans (one for the milk mixture, one for the pasta/rice and one for the cabbage), it is relatively quick; do not skip the sauté in the sesame oil. It truly does add a layer of flavor to the overall dish.

Rating: 4 stars


Easy to put together. I made only a few changes - used jar ginger (all I had) and put a drop of coconut extract in the sauce, along with one packet of Splenda - Thai usually has a bit of sweet. I also doubled the garlic. Enjoyed the noodles here, but would be wonderful over Jasmine rice. Next time. Next time I'll slightly reduce the green curry - 1 1/2 tablespoons would be hot enough for us.

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Rating: 4 stars


This was easy to make and tasty. I mixed everything together after cooking rather than separating into bowls. Like a previous reviewer, the quality of curry paste makes a big difference. Don't skip the cilantro, its needed to balance the sweet spicy flavor of the curry. I use a little more ginger than is requested for a better result.

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Rating: 4 stars


I have made this recipe three times now. I find it flavorful and fairly flexible, and it's easy to make. Tonight I substituted ground ginger for fresh, and even though they really aren't the same, it was still a good dish. I used a bit more curry paste, as well. I've used both brown and regular rice noodles; prefer the brown, but I can't always find them. I will say that I'm not convinced that the calories per serving they've provided is correct...something seems off, as the noodles I've used are roughly 200 calories themselves. I think if you wanted to reduce the effort, you could probably throw all the ingredients together in one pot and still get a decent dinner. I do believe the quality/brand of the green curry paste has a lot to do with the final result, however. Tonight I did a taste test of Maesri and Mae Ploy side by side and the Mae Ploy was vastly better. As usual, my four star rating doesn't mean it's worthy of a special occasion, but I think it's better than average and certainly worthy of being in the regular rotation.

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Rating: 3 stars


This was decent and relatively easy, but I found it to be generally lacking in flavor. The ginger and curry were nice together, but I wanted some saltiness to it or more depth of flavor. I liked that it was fresh tasting, healthy and quite different from the average weeknight meal I usually make. I probably won't make it again though. . . .

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Rating: 5 stars


This dish reminds me of something that I would order at the local Thai Restaurant. I used some extra cooked chicken that I had from making chicken stock. The green curry gave the chicken lot of flavor and really made the dish delicious.

I keep green curry paste in my pantry so the ingreidents were on hand, but using a green curry bought at the Asian market made the 2 tablespoons of curry paste a three star version of this recipe according to my family. If you prefer a milder spice level you might want to start out with a little less, and add to you desired level of heat. We liked it, but we eat a lot of Thai food.

I also am a big fan of serving it over the rice noodles, this was a great variation from serving it over the rice and was a popular part of the dish in our house.

It made 4 perfect servings. Good stuff.

Thai Green Curry Chicken Recipe (2024)


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